Passive Microphone - 3~5m Range / 3.5mm Jack / Metal Case

(SKU# : MI-A278)

Passive Microphone (No Power required) • 3.5mm Jack • Metal case • Easy hide • Denoise • Range: 3~5meters


Mic quantity single mi head
Frequency response 20 Hz ~ and 20KHZ
Sensitivity 40db
Signal-to-noise ratio 75 db
Directivity Omni-direction
Output impedance 600 ohm non equilibrium
Output signal amplitude 2.5 Vpp / - 25 db
Bearable sound pressure 120 db SPL (1 KHZ, THD 1%)
AGC automatic gain circuit, the lightning protection, power reversal of polarity protection
Current 20 Ma
Pickup range 10-100sq m
Connect method 3.5mm jack connected to IP passive camera directly.


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