3 Axis Compact Keyboard Controller


The keyboard is an universal keyboard of security monitoring series, which can control integrate dome camera with all kinds of protocols matrix and DVR, which has been equipped with 3D joystick and 2D joystick which can control the revolving of the camera and the zoom magnification of lens; with the LCD screen and the function of back-light; which can display the current operation order, the control protocol name, the current dome ID, the current monitor ID and the state of joysticks. The user can control the CCTV system more easily with the joystick and the LCD screen.


  • Rs485 Bus Line, and a keyboard can connect 31 domes at most in the direct control mode.
  • It can be compatible with all kinds of protocols.
  • You can control the Iris, Locus, and Zoom.
  • You can set and call the preset, run scan, pattern, and tour.
  • You can control the matrix and through which can control the dome indirectly.
  • It has been equipped with the 2D/3D joystick and the larger LCD screen.


Input Voltage 9V-12V AC/DC
Rated Power 2.5W
Interface RS485x1, RS422x1, RJ45
Frequency 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200Bps
Distance 1.2 km (RS485 and RS422 can achieve it)
Operational Environment
Operating Temperature 0°C~50°C
Relative Humidity Less than 90%
Physical Property
Size 218L x 180W x 55H (mm)
Weight 630g (Net Weight)