PTC TP 1500

(SKU# : PTC-TP-1500)

3 Axis (PAN / TILT / ZOOM)

The monitor keyboard is a product which can control a camera and the decoder. The EIA/RS-485 imports between keyboard and camera. One keyboard can control up to 256 cameras at best, the most communications distance is 2.4Km. The end device can be set to be controlled with the keyboard. Front device such as pan/tilt, lens, and lamplight can be controlled with the keyboard by direct control from the decoder.


  • Setup demo camera or decoder ID address range : 0 ~ 255
  • Control to multi-function of demo camera, such as : menu, focus, white balance
  • Control the demo camera to multi-speed
  • Save preset position of demo camera, setup shot about the preset position. The keyboard can setup 8 shots, each shot can save 16 preset position
  • Two control mode : manual mode and auto mode
  • Control zoom, focus and iris of demo camera by manual mode
  • Picture control keyboard can show image, and the other functions are same as the Character Control Keyboard. It can work with multi-vision plus processor and control it at long distance


PTC TP 1500
Screen Display 16 x 2 Characters
Control Object General Ball, PTZ Decode, High Speed Ball
Protocol Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Alec, Samsung, Vido-B01, Neon, HTSCAM, HD600, TOTA, Kalatel, Vcldome, Redapple, Santachi450, Vicon
Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200 bps
Out Channel 2 Channels
Communication Distance Max : 2400m
Operation Temp. -10°C~50°C
Power DC 12V / 1A
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